"Everything should be made as simple as possible..but not simpler." Albert Einstein

3 things for friday

It is a blustery april day here in Minneapolis.  We might even get some snow later on.  Don’t you love the butterfly in the stomach anticipation of Friday?

Three things making me happy:

This beautiful leather clutch in cobalt blue hand made by Julia Okun of Rennes.  The perfect color! and size.

The song “On Your Side” by the Radio Dept (free download!).  Please play it loud and dance around your house.  Then repeat.

The “film” : A Machine to See With

From the Walker Art Center site:

Fresh from New Frontiers at Sundance, A Machine To See With now focuses on Minneapolis as the setting for its one-of-a-kind cinematic experience conjured through a creative marriage of technology and storytelling. As participants navigate the riverfront and city streets, stories unfold with the help of precisely timed phone calls, exploiting the conventions of classic film noir and real-life surveillance. As the tension rises, it asks you to play a part, take risks, engage in games, and—drawing inspiration from the ongoing financial crisis—make the kind of ethical decisions we all, in the end, confront.

I’m hoping to go “see” this on Monday.