"Everything should be made as simple as possible..but not simpler." Albert Einstein

october 1st

I’m feeling especially happy these days -must be the approach of winter, my favorite time of year:)  And I’ve found a good working groove for the moment, which always puts me in a good mood.

My new motto is: be yourself.

A few random things to look at over the weekend:

  • I can’t seem to stop thinking about boots.  I would like to find a less expensive version of these short black boots and these tall caramel colored ones.
  • I would also like this bronze hexagon necklace designed by Lauren Haupt.
  • I’m excited to listen to amiina’s new album “puzzle”. You can get a free MP3 of the song “over and over” from the album here.
  • Ilse Acke’s weaving is making my heart race.  The colors and patterns!
  • I am having the students in my architecture studio read “The Importance of the Material” by Andrea Deplazes right now.  It’s an excellent reminder of how material and the methods of constructing with that material are intertwined.
  • And speaking of my students -we are going on a field trip today to Collegeville, Minnesota, to see some of the architect Marcel Breuer’s concrete work.  Always extremely inspiring.

Also-I opened my scarfshop this week which was extremely exciting for me since it’s been in the works for months.  I’m thinking of writing a little post about all the steps and planning that went in to making it happen.

Have a fantastic weekend.