"Everything should be made as simple as possible..but not simpler." Albert Einstein

plant list

top row, l to r: blue fescue, black lace elderberry bush, chives, russian sage, coral bells ‘purple palace’, salvia.
middle row, l to r: sumac ‘tiger eyes’, blue oat grass, golden cypress, arctic willow, japanese forest grass, yarrow.
bottom row, l to r: japanese maple ’emperor’, river birch, sage, feather reed grass ‘karl forester’, pom pom juniper, dogwood.

Anna from Door 16 asked me awhile ago if I would post a list of plants that we have in our yard/garden.  These are the majority of the plants we have and they’ve all been planted since we moved in.  They were all chosen for either their shape, structure or color.  There are a few others that were existing when we moved in -some huge lavender colored lilac bushes (more like trees) and two peony bushes, one white, one magenta.  These are well established and I won’t remove them, but they seem very country cottage to me and don’t really go with our mid-century/50’s style house.

You can read some thoughts I wrote a few years ago about landscape design in my old online journal, when I had just discovered the wonders of landscape subtraction.  I still love pruning, but now I’ve started to embrace the idea of removing as well.  There are some plants that just don’t seem to be working and I also feel like I have too many different varieties.  I am ready to take the subtraction to a more extreme level.

design ideas

These necklaces came about because I found this beautiful rectangular brass tube and had to buy it.  I love materials and working with them simply to let their properties inform the design of something.  I don’t consider myself a jewelry designer but lately I’ve been trying to get back to just working with material  and process and allowing it to develop into something coming from an idea, rather than just thinking of what it will be at the beginning.

From a marketing standpoint, designing many different types of things is a bad strategy.  All the advice points to being clear and focused on your “brand” and what you represent.  Because I’m more interested in ideas and materials, this is extremely hard to do.  Sometimes an idea transforms into clothing, sometimes a pillow or jewelry.  Sometimes it develops into architectural space.

Currently, rather than thinking of myself as an architect, or a clothing designer, I’ve been thinking of myself as just a designer.  This is more comfortable to me, because my design process is similar no matter what I am designing.  As for how to present myself and thus develop my career (and make a living) I’m still struggling.


I love the simplicity of sparklers.  A stick, fire, white light.  And no jarring noises -just a pleasant buzz.  The perfect design.