"Everything should be made as simple as possible..but not simpler." Albert Einstein


I have just returned from our annual family vacation/reunion to WI.  Every year we stay in a little cottage on the lake I grew up near. Looking at this very familar sight now I wonder how this lake I spent every summer in for 18+ years influenced how I think about things today.  I will be pondering this for awhile-I don’t think I’ve ever considered it before.


16 scarves


Downtown Minneapolis, skyway over Nicollet Avenue, skyscraper

This type of multi-view drawing is so effortless when you are 5.  As an adult looking at it, it seems so interesting and perceptive and yet so difficult to achieve.  I need to turn my logical brain off more when I’m drawing.  I learn so much from my kids.


Certain colors make me twitchy.  Especially in combination with other colors.  I’ve been debating whether to stain our new wood patio table thinking it might weather to a nice grey but the orangey color is driving me nuts and it looks horrible with the cedar fence (which looks sort of orange here because it’s wet – when dry it’s a nicer grey)

I’m going to stain the table almost black this weekend.


Working with this dying technique is really fascinating for me.  The dye migrates on the very thin fabric and there isn’t a whole lot of control.  I love the fact that the design of the print is really infused with the nature of the material.  I dyed this after I made the top and I like how the shape influenced where I put the dye as well.  I’m excited to do more garment dying like this.


We had a very early warm spring here in MN which meant I got out and cleaned things up early.
Somehow that made all the difference – I feel on top of the garden instead of overwhelmed.

Some details that are making me happy right now:

a stick my son found and peeled the bark off of.
a fiber optic plant
basil in a pot by the back door (close to the kitchen)

spring 2011

I’m working on a small spring collection for 2011.  It isn’t very defined yet, but I have a color palette and some inspiration images.  I’m thinking about contrasts quite a bit.

(first image is from the IVAM by SAANA.  last image is of concrete planters by Patrick Weder – patrickweder.com)