"Everything should be made as simple as possible..but not simpler." Albert Einstein


Photograph by Sarah Rubens

This weekend I had a photoshoot for my S/S collection.  It is late in the season, and I already have images up of the entire collection on my workbook site, but I wanted to document the clothing on a model.

I struggle with the seasonal pace of fashion design, along with the logistics and expense of showing a collection.  You need models and photographers, a location, lighting and equipment.  It all needs to be done months in advance.  If you are not already on that cycle it is hard to work up to the point of being a year ahead in your work.  I guess the answer is to just skip a season and jump ahead.

I have to say though that this was super fun.  Because I had already released this collection to be ready for the Fault Lines show I participated in at Rare Device in San Francisco, I kept this shoot pretty minimal and we (all photography by Sarah Rubens, modeling by Julia Davidson) did it in just a few hours with a simple paper backdrop and a few props.  It’s just what I wanted.

After I saw the images a day later, I of course had all kinds of ideas for ways of styling the shots better.  I really like how the scarf here adds some depth to the image and wish I would have taped a large geometric shape with the black tape on the background.  That would have been awesome.

You can view a slideshow of the collection on the U N website.