"Everything should be made as simple as possible..but not simpler." Albert Einstein


This past December at the final review of a printmaking class I was teaching I was wandering around looking at the collective work of the students and was struck with how strong it seemed.  Over the course of the semester  each student produced at least 16 prints, a few of which were excellent and exciting but most falling into the “pretty good but not amazing” category.  I realized that when I saw each students body of work as a whole it came together more strongly and worked as a group.  The juxtapositions and connections were interesting and I looked at each piece in a new way.

The juxtapositions and connections – the collective -was what stood out as important and inspiring.  The discussions about the work at the critique seemed to focus on this as well.  There are so many examples of this: art installations, flickr mosaics, even inspiration boards.  The individual is strengthened by the whole.

My previous online journal was a place for me to record my process, but the linearity of it was frustrating to me.  This new space gets a little closer to having everything in one space-work, words, ideas, inspirations – hopefully inspiring new connections and ideas.  I am excited about the dynamic format and the way that when you open one section, the others are still visible.  I know everyone uses online feed readers these days to read blogs, but I really think this is best viewed and read on the site itself because of the juxtaposed format.

I will use this blog to write about design, process and inspriation.  I will post news about UNIFORM natural in the news section of mwmWORKBOOK so subscribe to the RSS feed if you’d like to be updated.  The rest will be a gallery of work: past UN collections, photography, sketches, etc. and I will be continually updating this section.  Thank you for stopping by.