"Everything should be made as simple as possible..but not simpler." Albert Einstein

wool wood and leather

Corten Dress + wood facet necklace(fir) : U N f/w piece collection

For my fall collection I’ve been working quite a bit with different kinds of wool: wool jersey, wool fleece and roving.  I’m also working with leather (belts!)  and wood!  It’s been exciting trying out different materials and techniques.  Feels a bit like alchemy with all the dying and felting (and even some burning) going on.

I will  have some of my new fall collection in the U N shop in the next few weeks.  And my annual fall trunkshow with the entire collection at Gallery 360 here in Minneapolis will be the third week of October.

Also,  SCARFSHOP is set to open this coming Tuesday, September 28th.  finally!


I’ve had textile and pattern design on the brain lately for another project I’m working on.  I thought I would compile some of the patterns/textiles I’ve designed to see how they look as a group and to see if I can see any cohesion.

I’m really enjoying seeing the fabric patterns Jennifer from Ermie has been developing, especially the magic marker print.

Karen Barbe is a textile designer from Chile whose blog I recently stumbled across.  I really like the range of materials she is exploring.  These woven bands are really beautiful.


handknit (wool, alpaca, acrylic, cotton) fawn + rust hat from UN f/w 2010 piece collection

piece -one of the parts that, when assembled, form a whole.

Where a collection begins for me is always different.  There might be a color palette, photograph, or piece of fabric that sparks an idea and then the collection builds from there.  At a certain point there is a more defined idea, sometimes with a title, that helps me continue developing the overall body of work.  This fall I had been planning on scaling down the number of items that I normally produce for a collection because I wanted to focus on getting a season ahead -working on a more developed collection for next year so that I could align myself better for the wholesale market.

I had a few ideas of pieces I wanted to make, but not an overall concept.  I kept thinking about these individual pieces, and leftover materials I had, and the idea of “using up” and zero waste.  I tried to look at what I had and let it dictate what I would make.  And also, most importantly, I pushed the process of just making and responding to what I made and moving forward from there.  I decided to have faith that everything would come together to form a “collection”.  So that is how I’ve been working.  And I’m excited about these “pieces” and this way of working.

I hope to show you rest of the collection soon.

loop vest from UN f/w 2010 piece collection

fabric patterns

Ever since last spring when I had my first fabric design printed, I’ve been wanting to design more.  This is a design I’ve been working on for awhile.  I like both the asymmetrical and symmetric versions and can see how they would work well for different applications.  I’m going to use the symmetrical one for a scarf, but I think it would make an awesome dress too, with the pattern centered. You could also wrap the pattern around to the back, so the center of the design is on one side….

So many options.  I think I just fell down the rabbit hole….


Certain colors make me twitchy.  Especially in combination with other colors.  I’ve been debating whether to stain our new wood patio table thinking it might weather to a nice grey but the orangey color is driving me nuts and it looks horrible with the cedar fence (which looks sort of orange here because it’s wet – when dry it’s a nicer grey)

I’m going to stain the table almost black this weekend.


Working with this dying technique is really fascinating for me.  The dye migrates on the very thin fabric and there isn’t a whole lot of control.  I love the fact that the design of the print is really infused with the nature of the material.  I dyed this after I made the top and I like how the shape influenced where I put the dye as well.  I’m excited to do more garment dying like this.